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Branch Events

  Date Branch Event
  16-Feb-2017 North East Stress Management with Gillian Rayne

Is Stress Management a Science? - with Gillian Rayne 

Stress is many things and it presents in many ways: emotionally, physically, financially, physiologically, mentally or generally feeling unwell.  In reality, it’s a mixture but also depends on the person.

In this session with Gillian Rayne of No 2 Stress, you will gain valuable insights to use in both your professional and personal life and help you prepare yourself for the year ahead.

Food and chat

Of course you'll also be able to mingle over supper with some super women - from newbies to life-long members, everyone is made to feel welcome.


A perfect combination of learning, sharing and socialising.  Hope you can join us!

  23-Mar-2017 North East Key Steps to Business Confidence with Sharon MacArthur
  27-Apr-2017 North East To Be Confirmed
  Details to follow.
  17-May-2017 North East Social Media with Amanda Dixon
  Details to follow.
  22-Jun-2017 North East To Be Confirmed
  Details to follow.
  19-Jul-2017 North East Golf Taster Session for Members & Guests at Close House
  Details to follow.
  24-Aug-2017 North East Members Only Social Event
  Details to follow.
  20-Sep-2017 North East Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale
  Details to follow.
  19-Oct-2017 North East Marketing & PR for your Business
  Details to follow.
  22-Nov-2017 North East Business Showcase Event
  Details to follow.
  14-Dec-2017 North East Members only Christmas Event
  Details to follow.


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF national women's network

You will receive a warm welcome at the National Women's Network. Current events are listed above and you can find out more about each branch by visiting the pages above.
Janice Ross - National Women's network Chair
The National Women’s Network has provided support for over 30 years. In our years with the organisation, we've experienced some truly inspirational support.

We'd be delighted to meet you at an event in your area. If you'd be interested in being involved in one of our branches then please do get in touch. Explore this site or contact our National Administrator for more information.

Hope to meet you soon.

Janice Ross
Chair of the National Women's Network


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