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Durham CathderalMessage from North East Branch Chair - Angela Dawson

Welcome to Network North East!

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As a committee we have worked hard to plan a variety of business-related topics along with personal development and issues which affect self-employed business women like you.

Our branch of The National Women's Network is a wonderful organisation for women in the North-East as it offers support and friendship as well as a business network. The members support each other on a personal and professional level and I just love the relaxed atmosphere at the meetings. I hope to be able to keep our meetings just as comfortable, whilst creating an environment for developing working relationships as well as being informative and creative.

The only way to really find out what we're like is to come along and try it for yourself. If you fancy attending as a visitor, don't know an existing member and feel a bit daunted about coming along 'cold', simply contact one of the team listed below and we will be delighted to act as your host for the evening.

Best wishes

Angela Dawson

NWN North East Branch Chair

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Angela Dawson

Branch Chair

E: angela@theadmindoc.co.uk

T: 07855 746777

Angela Dawson

Branch Vice Chair

E: amanda@northeastsocialmedia.co.uk

T: 07929 626512


23/03/2017 Why Mind Reading is for Mugs!


27/04/2017 To Be Confirmed

Details to follow.

17/05/2017 Social Media with Amanda Dixon

Details to follow.

22/06/2017 To Be Confirmed

Details to follow.

19/07/2017 Golf Taster Session for Members & Guests at Close House

Details to follow.

24/08/2017 Members Only Social Event

Details to follow.

20/09/2017 Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale

Details to follow.

19/10/2017 Marketing & PR for your Business

Details to follow.

22/11/2017 Business Showcase Event

Details to follow.

14/12/2017 Members only Christmas Event

Details to follow.


Networking For Women in the North East - Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, South Shields, Tynemouth, Blyth.


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