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There are so many North East Networking Groups

Business Networking is all about getting to know the people behind the other businesses in your local area. Meeting people you may be able to do business with. Finding suppliers. Making connections.

There are so many different groups, each with their own format and structure, that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Deciding which North East Networking group is right for you will make life so much easier.

Women’s Networking North East

Network North East is localised. Although we are part of the National Women’s Network, Network North East is our local divison.

We are run by and for women in business in the North East of England.

We know that the best type of networking isn’t just a 60 second pitch and then sitting quietly while we are sold at by other people.

Network North East Meetings

Our meetings are much more relaxed in nature. Of course there are introductions and often a speaker. But we have socialising too.

You will find that we provide a comfortable kind of accountability and support. This naturally comes from having a network of like minded, supportive and encouraging business women. This is something you’ll find is hard to establish elsewhere.

Our North East Networking Events

We have started our in-person meetings again as it is now safe to do so if you feel comfortable. We meet at venues all around the North East including:

  • Ramside Hall
  • The Ravensworth Arms
  • The Angel View Inn
  • Jury’s Inn

The NWN continued to meet and support each through the pandemic, our meetings moved to Zoom but we also kept in touch via our Facebook Group.

Our support for each other has not stopped over covid, all our members have offered advice on how to keep going both personally and in business. This has been invaluable and we met on a weekly basis.

Zoom Meetings

From Shamanic Drumming to At-Your-Desk Self Massage advice and plenty of wellbeing support from our members who stepped up as guest speakers there has been no shortage of activity.

We all missed seeing each other and we know once everyone personally feels comfortable and it is appropriate, we will see all our members in-person. The NWN will continue the momentum our Network has built up over the past 41 years!

We have socials too!

From Spa Days to Charity Nights Out to cocktail making – we love to business network and learn, but we love to party too!

North East Ladies Networking – est. 41 years ago

It’s hard to believe that our network started 41 years ago and that it was our 40th anniversay back in 2021.

As a non for profit organisation we are currently (and have been for the past 4 years) in a position whereby we don’t need to charge for membership.

It’s currently completely free to become a member of the National Women’s Network and a member of Network North East.

We normally ask for an annual fee which averages around £75 PA and in the future if our expenses increase we may return to a similar setup. But for now we have funds in the bank and no expenses as all of our meetings are being carried out on Zoom .

Please do sign up and request to join our NWN Members group on Facebook, by signing up so can remind you of our upcoming meetings.